A5X Series


A5X403 Series CNC Drilling and Tapping Machine

CNC Drilling and Tapping Machine


  • Spindle speed
    STD. 10000rpm
    OPT. 12000rpm
  • Spindle motor
    Mitsubishi 5.5/3.7 kw
    Fanuc 5.5/3.7 kw
    Siemens 4.8 kw
  • Rapid traverse X,Y,Z: 48/48/48 m/min
  • X axes travel 400mm
  • Y axes travel 500mm
  • Z axes travel 400mm
  • Tools capacity 20+1 tools
  • ATC time (T-T) 2.2sec
  • Table size Ø255 mm


Advatages of ARES MACHINERY's CNC Drilling and Tapping Machine

By reducing the need for manual adjustments, a CNC drill tap machine contributes to an overall improvement in the accuracy of the manufactured part.

The utilization of 5 axis drill tap machine yields several cost-saving benefits. Improved tool life reduces the frequency of tool replacements. Enhanced accuracy minimizes the risk of costly mistakes or material wastage. Additionally, these machines reduce the floor space requirements, increase flexibility and spindle usage, decrease the need for expensive fixtures, and lower the overall inventory investment.

The utilization of 5-axis drilling and tapping machine enables the handling of intricate shapes and designs with ease. This includes various components such as those found in hydraulic systems, water pump housing, gear box housing, gear wheels, injection molds, oil and gas equipment, medical devices, and blood transfusion equipment, among others.

A 5-axis CNC machine allows the cutting tool to not only approach the workpiece more closely but also be positioned at a 90° angle to the surface of the part. This enables optimal cutting conditions at all times. Furthermore, the presence of the fourth and fifth rotational axes allows for the use of shorter cutting tools, resulting in reduced vibrations and an enhanced surface finish. The primary objective of these additional axes is to enable the cutting tool to precisely access all five sides of the part.

Specifically designed to efficiently and swiftly remove even the most challenging materials, a 4+1 or full five axis machining centers significantly reduces the need for manual effort. This leads to heightened efficiency and stability during the machining process.

By incorporating a 5 axis machining center into your operations, part manufacturers and contract manufacturers can significantly enhance the flexibility of their production processes. This advanced machine tool offers a wide range of applications, enabling you to optimize your machinery for both large-scale and small-scale manufacturing orders. Unlike lower-cost standard machines with limited capabilities, 5-axis CNC machines provide the necessary versatility to meet diverse production requirements.

Moreover, these machines are particularly well-suited for the current manufacturing landscape, characterized by a higher mix of products and lower volumes. In such an environment, where mass production is less prevalent, the ability to deliver machined parts in smaller batches and repeat them as needed becomes crucial.

ARES MACHINERY would like to give you best solution in your machining with your drilling and tapping, welcome to contact us right now.


  Unit A5X403
Table size mm Ø255
Max. Table load kgf 50
Max. Workpiece dimennsion (Ø × height) mm Ø360 × 250
Min. indexing precision of C axis rotary degree 0.001
Cumulative indexing precision of C axis sec 15
C axis repeatability accuracy sec 4
Slope angle of A axis degree ±110
Cumulative indexing precision of A axis sec 60
A axis repeatability accuracy sec 8
Max. Speeds for A, C axis rpm 16.6/25
X, Y, Z axis travel mm 400 × 500 × 400
3 axes rapid traverse m/min 48 / 48 / 48
3 axes bidirectional accuracy of positioning mm VDI 3441
3 axes bidirectional repeatability of positioning mm VDI 3441
Spindle speeds rpm 10000
Spindle taper   BT30
Pull stud   MAS 403 P30T-1(45° )
Spindle driving   Direct-drive
Spindle nose to table mm 30 ~ 430
Spindle center to Z path mm 570
Spindle motor Mitsubishi kw 5.5 / 3.7
Fanuc kw 5.5 / 3.7
Siemens kw 4.8
X drive motor Mitsubishi kw 1.5
Fanuc kw 1.6
Siemens kw 2.3
Y drive motor Mitsubishi kw 1.5
Fanuc kw 1.6
Siemens kw 2.3
Z drive motor Mitsubishi kw 3.0
Fanuc kw 3.0
Siemens kw 3.3
A drive motor Mitsubishi kw 1.5
Fanuc kw 1.6
Siemens kw 2.3
C drive motor Mitsubishi kw 1.0
Fanuc kw 1.0
Siemens kw 2.3
Tools capacity tools 20+1
Max. tool weight kg 4
Max. tool length mm 200
Max. tool diameter (alternate pocket empty) mm 60 (80)
ATC time (T-T) sec 2.2
Tool Change type   Arm type
Tank volume L 260
Coolant pump rate W 600 × 2 pcs
Flow rate L/min 136
Chip flush type   Flushing type
Auto. Chip conveyor   OP
Net weight kg 3900
Floor space mm 1970 × 3032 × 2700
  • Tool change time supplied with Mitsubishi controller and standard 60Hz power. For electrical requirements other than this standard, please contact one of our personnel.
  • The company reserves the right to modify the specifications / design, subject to change without further notice.
    Actual specifications, based on order content.