H4030 Horizontal CNC Tapping Center


Horizontal CNC Machining Center

  • Spindle speed

    STD. 10000rpm
    OPT. 12000rpm

  • Spindle motor

    Mitsubishi 5.5/3.7 kw
    Fanuc 5.5/3.7 kw
    Siemens 5.5/3.7 kw

  • Rapid traverse X,Y,Z: 48/60/48 m/min
  • X axes travel 400mm
  • Y axes travel 450mm
  • Z axes travel 380mm
  • Tools capacity 24+1 tools
  • ATC time (T-T) 2.5sec
  • Table size 400*400mm
  • cnc
    Naked machine
  • cnc
    Naked machine
  • cnc
    360° rotary table
  • cnc
    Tool magazine
  • cnc
    Rotary operation box
  • cnc
    Water tank
  • cnc
    CTS Spindle Motor (OP)
  • cnc
    CTS Filtration with Water Tank (OP)
  • cnc
    Oil Cooler
  • cnc
    Oil mist collector
  • cnc
    Damaged cutting tool sensor(OP)
    Unit H4030
Table size   mm 400*400
Max. Table load   kg 200
Max. Workpiece dimension (ØxHeight)   mm Ø480x540
Min. lndexing angle of table   degree 0.001
Cumulative indexing precision of table   sec 20
Table repeatability accuracy   sec 4
Drive system for table exchange     -
Max. rotation diameter of APC   mm -
X, Y, Z axis travel   mm 400*450*380
Spindle center to surface of table   mm 90~540
Spindle nose to table center   mm 190~570
3 axes bidirectional accuracy of positioning   mm VDI 3441
3 axes bidirectional repeatability repeat positioning   mm VDI 3441
Spindle taper     BT30
Pull stud     MAS403 P30T-1(45°)
Spindle driving     Direct
Spindle motor Mitsubishi  Kw 5.5/3.7
Fanuc Kw 5.5/3.7
Siemens Kw 5.5/3.7
X drive motor Mitsubishi  Kw 1.5
Fanuc Kw 1.6
Siemens Kw 2.3
Y drive motor Mitsubishi  Kw 3.0
Fanuc Kw 3.0
Siemens Kw 3.3
Z drive motor Mitsubishi  Kw 1.5
Fanuc Kw 1.6
Siemens Kw 2.3
B drive motor Mitsubishi  Kw 1.5
Fanuc Kw 1.6
Siemens Kw 2.3
Spindle speed   rpm 10000
B axis speed   rpm 16.6
X, Y, Z axis rapid traverse   m/min 48/60/48
Tools capacity   tools 24+1
Max. tool weight   kg 4
Max. tool length   mm 200
Max. tool diameter (alternate pocket empty)   mm 65 (80)
ATC time (T-T)   sec 2.5
Tool change type     Arm type
Tank volume   L 200
Coolant pump rate   W 600
Flow rate   l/min 136
Chip flush pump rate   W 600
Flow rate   l/min 136
Net weight   kg 3700
Floor space   mm 1835*2593*2407

  • *Tool change time supplied with Mitsubishi controller and standard 60Hz power. For electrical requirements other than this standard, please contact one of our personnel.
  • The company reserves the right to modify the specifications / design, subject to change without further notice.
    Actual specifications, based on order content.