A5MT Series

Why Do You Need Mill-Turn Machining Centers?

Ares Seiki’s mill-turn machining center is a multi-tasking machine provides the milling, turning, drilling, boring, tapping which is suitable to produce the complex workpieces of 3C products, aerospace components, and the multi-curving surfaces molds, polyhedron parts, etc. This machine is also available to simplify the management of production procedures in order to accomplish the excellent machining features of high-accuracy & high-efficiency. The CAPTO spindle taper design prevents the sliding between spindle and tool holder. Besides, such spindle equips the hydraulic disc-brake structure to ensure the precise positioning of turning tool holder. The C-axis adopts DD motor (European rotor & stator) direct-driven design to reach the maximum speed 2000rpm. Furthermore, A-axis & C-axis adopt hydraulic clamping system to assure superior machining accuracy.

A5MT170 Series of CNC Mill-Turn Machining Center


What Benefits Would You Get from Mill-Turn Machining Centers?

  • Can complete milling and turning performed by a single machine.
  • Can utilize this machine for wide variety products in small quantities of complicated shape workpieces.
  • Can achieve high-efficiency turning by the 2000rpm high speed C-axis and the turning tools can be secured by the CAPTO spindle.
  • Can reduce the numbers of clamping and operations to shorten the lead time, increase cutting efficiency and improve machining accuracy.
  • Can decrease the frequency of changing cutting tools, raising the precision of workpieces.
  • Can improve the warehouse space utilization, reducing the costs of space management and operations massively.

The Applications of Mill Turn Machining Centers

Composite machining is one of the most popular machining processes in the world and It is also an advanced manufacturing technology. Such kind of composite machining is the implementation of several different machining processes on a single machine. To put it simply a Mill-Turn Machining Center is equivalent to a combination of one CNC Lathe and one CNC Machining Center. They can be well applicated in the wide range of industries, including:

  • Automotive and motor parts industry.
  • 3C products like computer, communication, and consumer electronics manufacturing industry.
  • Optical parts industry.
  • Aviation industry.