H Series

What is a Horizontal CNC Machining Center?

The primary function of a Horizontal CNC Machining Center (CNC HMC) is often used to mill grooves, slots. This machine may also be employed rotary cutters to shape the metal workpiece. The main characteristic lies in its horizontal spindle parallel to the ground which can manage to mill metal workpiece with high precision. Besides, due to its horizontal spindle design, the metal chips would be easily fall away from workpiece instead of being stuck in the workpiece or cutters.

H4030 Series of Horizontal CNC Machining Center

H4030Horizontal CNC Machining Center

HD403-5X Series of CNC Horizontal Machining Center

HD403-5XHorizontal CNC Machining Center

H4040 Series of Horizontal CNC Machining Center

H4040Horizontal CNC Machining Center

H4040P Series of CNC Horizontal Machining Center

H4040PHorizontal CNC Machining Center

HM4040 Series of Horizontal CNC Machining Center

HM4040Horizontal CNC Machining Center

HM4040P Series of CNC Horizontal Machining Center

HM4040PHorizontal CNC Machining Center

The Advantage of a Horizontal CNC Machining Center

  • Can simplify setups by less experienced operators who could manage high-value added tasks.
  • Can the metal chips be easily fall down from workpiece and be removed to outside of machine by chip conveyor device. It can also eliminate the need to spend time and labor cost on this chips removal and reduce the various hazards which result from having chips accumulate while the cutting cycle us underway.
  • Can reduce re-cutting of chips on workpiece which result in a better finishing and accuracy on surface. It also can extend the tool life.
  • Can gain shorter processing time on each workpiece since it’s able to exchange working tables rapidly and there’s no critical delay on machining cycles for tasks change over. Besides, on the tombstone shape fixtures (tooling blocks), various workpieces can be machined completely in one cycle.
  • Can one workpiece be machined at three sides in one cycle due to the rotary B-axis. It would assure better machining accuracy in the same cycle.
  • Can raise machining efficiency from the two working stations tables and auto. pallet changing system (APC) with non-stop operations.

The Applications of a Horizontal CNC Machining Center

Ares Seiki has many years of experience to produce outstanding H-series machines with high speed, high accuracy, high efficiency. Because the competent and skilled capability, they can be well applicated in the wide range of industries, including:

  • Auto parts industry.
  • Bath-ware industry.
  • 3C products like computer, communication, and consumer electronics manufacturing industry.
  • Aviation industry.